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Intra LL.M Moot Court Competition 2015

Vivekananda Law School organized Intra LL.M Moot Court Competition on 15 October,
2015 to enhance and polish Research and Speaking skills of LL.M students.


“Individual commitment to a group effort that is what makes teamwork, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” – Vince Lombardi

Issac Newton propounded the theory of Gravity whereby all things with masses are brought towards one another. Taking inspiration from this, VIPS has christened its law fest “VIPS GRAVITY’15” with a view to attracting the students from various colleges and institutes to mingle and to give voice to their hidden talents in unison.

To inculcate this spirit of teamwork and practical experience amongst the students across the country, Vivekananda Law School (VLS) under the auspices of Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS) successfully organized its 1st Legal-Cultural Fest (VIPS GRAVITY’15) from 7th to 9th October 2015. An amalgam of exciting cultural and legal activities, VIPS Gravity’15 was the ideal medium to fetch together several of the most artistic and imaginative young minds from the Universities for an invigorating and thought-provoking experience. The fest gave 3 days of undiluted amusement, including a dazzling performance from artists and students alike, along with a golden opportunity to interact with Legal Experts, Professionals, Lawyers, and gaining practical experience. It was a three-day event, which commenced on October 7th, 2015and was concluded on October 9th, 2015. Some beautiful and extraordinary rangoliesalongwith words of wisdom of Prof. Dr. M Afzal Wani, Dean USLLS were witnessed on 7th October 2015. On 8th October 2015, to enthrall the audience, DJ Zaeden, Tomorrowland artist concluded the day with his extraordinary beats. Finally, the event was wrapped up by Sukhe-Musical Doctorz who made everyone dance upon his melodious voice.

DAY 1- 7th October 2015

The much awaited day 7th October, 2015 witnessed a grand opening of VIPS GRAVITY’15. The dream entered the realm of reality right in early morning when we saw a calm quiet campus turn into the busiest hustle hub of sheer enthusiasm. Posters being to put to display, making of rangoli decorated with eye catching colours, escorts suiting up in black and white, meetings going on in every second room, thousands of lists transferring hands, setting up of cameras and laptops, registration procedures on the cliff of commencement, all this added to the zeal of one of the biggest Law Fest in this country which was about to start in a couple of hours.

As soon as the Registration desk was set up, the participants for Rangoli competition came in good number to design out their best rangolies. More than 20 teams from all over Delhi/NCR colleges came to participate in the Rangoli competition. The event took place in CIA Hall where some extraordinary rangolies were made by the teams. The judges had a tough time to decide as to which rangoli was the best.

Exactly after the Rangoli competition, the inauguration ceremony took place in Auditorium. All the participants of Rangoli competition were greeted with a warm welcome by our volunteers who then headed to the Auditorium for the auspicious Inaugural Ceremony and for the results of the competition.Marking the kick off with the legacy of remembering Goddess Saraswati through lighting lamps, the gathering was addressed by Prof. Dr. Rajni Malhotra Dhingra, Dean Law School along with our Chief Guest Prof Dr. MAfzal Wani,who highlighted the connection betweenlaw and fest and took various examples from daily life which proved that Law and Fest are connected and Fest helps to inculcate the sense of management in law students.

After the lamp lightning ceremony a dance performance was there for offering flowers to god, guru and audience, giving a stupendous start to the fest. The gathering was addressed by Dr.Rajni Malhotra, Dean Law School. Completely honoured and overwhelmed by the presence of our Chief Guest Prof.Dr. M Afzal Wani(Dean, USLLS), she called him upon the stage to share some words of wisdom. We were awed by his wonderful speech which not only emphasized the importance of law and fest, but also multi-disciplinary studies that add to the various aspects of human life. He supported his statement by taking daily life examples which clearly emphasised that to grow as a lawyer one needs to be perfect in all spheres of life. He emphasized the reason behind incompetence of most lawyer’s in today’s world as the increasing complexity of dynamic law. He further said that this problem can be overcome by participating in extra-curricular activities and having the knowledge of the surroundings. He further pointed about the need of ideals and values and how urgent it is to fill the gaps between expression and action through law. Signing off with best wishes to all the participants, he encouraged them to carry out their professional duties with dedication, hard work and sincerity which are far more important than winning the competition.

After his mesmerizing speech, a short movie was played displaying the hardwork of our team in preparation of the fest. After this movie our honourable chief guest was called upon again to announce Rangoli results

Day 2- 8thOctober 2015

After the inauguration of Gravity’15 as well as the RangoliCompetion. Day 2 of Gravity’15 began with a number of legal events beginning with Client Counselling at 10 am. A total number of 30 teams registered, counselling sessions and interviews were conducted by the participants .The participants explained and counselled their clients while providing them solutions for their problems and interacting as well as listening to them. Simultaneously, the Extempore Moot Competition as well the Group Discussion and the Parliamentary Debate were conducted.

The Extempore Moot Competition was open to all law students. The problem was provided to the participants 30 minutes before the Oral Rounds where the counsels put up arguments to the panel and were adjudged accordingly. The speakers were all fast thinkers as they provided the best arguments as well as rebuttals. Colloquy, The Group Discussion was held with a total number of 25 participants, it was aimed at bringing out the best speakers of our generation who want to bring a change in our society. The topic for the discussion was provided on the spot and the students had to put up their thoughts regarding the same as well as guiding the discussion towards a collective viewpoint.

The Parliamentary Debate competition was conducted in an Asian style parliamentary debate system i.e. the 3v 3 system with the government on one side and the opposition on the other. This type of debating competition was a highlight of the fest wherein the young, aspiring politicians were given a platform to present their ideas in the form of speeches as well as answering the questions put up by the opposition. Scores were provided for each team. With these thought provoking legal events a large number of other events were also conducted on the 8th with the Talent Show beginning at 11 am with a plethora of talent from all over and a number of interesting as well as entertaining acts including dance, beat boxing, stand-up comedy as well as singing. Gaming, LAN as well as console had the highest amount of registrations with games like FIFA and Call of Duty. Players were glued to the screens as they tried to beat the each other’s scores and tried to get their name as the highest scorer.

A number of Art events like Shoe painting, Face painting and T-shirt painting also took place on the same day with a variety of colours and designs floating everywhere as the participants used their brushes to bring ideas to life on faces, shoes and t-shirts. Another event which was held was Jazba, The Street Play/NukkadNatak where teams from various colleges brought forth their ideas of bringing change to the society in the form of song and play. The event saw the teams declaring in blaring voices the changes needed in our society. A total number of 20 teams presented the plays. As the fest progressed, The Music Competition was held on the main stage where the participants performed in groups as well as solo.

Finally the last competition of the day i.e the Battle of Bands was held in the evening and as the sun descended the sounds from the instruments grew louder as the bands performed with the audience banging their heads and moving to the music. Cosmic Projects were declared as the winners for this event. The show stopper for the day was the E.D.M Night with DJ Zaeden performing as the crowd surged. The turn up was high as the Tomorrowland artist entered the stage with Darth Legion and Funk Heads opening for main event. With the catchy, preppy beats of the music the audience couldn’t help tapping their feet and dancing to it!

DAY 3- 9th October 2015

One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is a necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child. The final day of gravity became a teacher for us to sow its seeds for future. Making a room for it to grow and prosper, giving it a chance to be admired by everyone. It was an amalgamation of legal, cultural and intellectual events to the adventure and spontaneity it ended with stars and glamour. The final day started with testing of how much the budding lawyers have inside them to make other party to agree with their demands, this ADR method of amicable settlement of disputes was going with filtration of their teams from preliminary elimination to the final two teams with conclusion of one as winner. The rounds sometimes turning heated with the allegation of resorting of back to the court but keeping in mind the purpose and the winning eye of competition. They became humble and generous keeping intact their negotiating skills.

Guessing and answering is a random game but when it comes to quiz it adds certain importance to it. Quizzing in area of legal knowledge test’s once ability and track on legal knowledge. The law quiz was a game and a learning process. Another legal event for every to be-lawyer, passionateabout knowing everthing right from the Vyapam Scam to the Greece economic chaos. It was for the students who were always seen in the classroom with one hand raised and the ones raising eye brows in despair by taking that extra 5 minutes after the bell rings. Stress is all what everyone runs away from. We all want a relax life with stable outcomes. The idea of this event made every participant to test their tension levels and how their mind would work in a particular situation. The importance of stress interviews goes to test the stability of the mind of interviewee when the interviewer bangs on with this mind with logical or illogical stuffs. While everywhere everyone was busy in intellectual discussions this event was a mixture of physical and mental ability the fight not only required mental aptitude but the physical fitness was also as much required to burn calories to run here and there to find the treasure and make through the victory.

Dressing is an art and fashion is a tool to enhance. Using paper in making dresses is extraordinary thing and making this as a competition that turned out to be a great value in bringing out a hidden talent of people to dress themselves. Taking picture is now what everyone does and capturing moments in happiness. Utilizing the lens of the camera to capture incredible beauty and reality of life is an art. Despite covering the entire fest photography, it also became a competition to prove their best in art of capturing We throw the things which we don’t need naming them as waste. Creativity ends up making that waste into useful things and this competition consisted of using waste material and a creative mind set to make out of waste. Movies and tv shows maybe a pastime or some passion for others but how about this become competing race inform of trivia which was an essential event in fest. This was more of a relaxing event. The movie making event made through the victory of team with the art of screening and capturing the motion pictures and moments.

With all different things going around the stage was always surrounded with people cheering for the energetic moves of dancers on the music beats. Dancing is an exercise which makes us relax our body and mind and itrevitalises everyone to cheer up and gives the best shot of happiness. The solo and group dancing events gave much spotlight on the last day.

Everyone wants to run in the era of fashion from styling to attitude the fashion models gave everyone mesmerizing moment to cherish. They threw the highlights on their walks and dressing sense as this glamour event turned out be a huge success in concluding the day and having DYAL SINGH College as the winner of this event.

With all different things going around the stage was always surrounded with people cheering for the energetic moves of dancers on the music beats. Dancing is an exercise which makes us relax our body and mind and itrevitalises everyone to cheer up and gives the best shot of happiness. The solo and group dancing events gave much spotlight on the last day.

Everyone wants to run in the era of fashion from styling to attitude the fashion models gave everyone mesmerizing moment to cherish. They threw the highlights on their walks and dressing sense as this glamour event turned out be a huge success in concluding the day and having DYAL SINGH College as the winner of this event.

The much awaited moment came as crowd was ready to break the entry gates and bang upon the stage to meet the star sukhe-Musical Doctorz, to listen his melodious voice and dance upon his beats. The joy became endless as everyone was in rocking mood as all their tiredness was transformed into energy. Not even a single person was ready to end this event as the dreams and visions which was seen months back was finally achieved. The tears of happiness rolled down from eyes with targets being achieved. Gravity was not just a fest which was bought into existence, but a collective effort of VLS department which helped students understand the connection of law and fest.

Nukkad Natak at Haiderpur and Rajapur for Legal Literacy

The Legal Aid volunteers performed a Nukkad Natak on “Right to Education as a Fundamental Right” at Haiderpur and Rajapur on 16th October 2015. The people of this village were enlightened about the free and compulsory education that is to be provided by the center, state and local bodies to the children of age group 6-14 years under the Constitution of India as a fundamental Right