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Chairman Message

Welcome to Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies

We are living in extraordinary times, driven by change at an incredible pace. It demands from us personal mastery, systems thinking capability to understand complexity and the ability to have dialogue instead of learned reactions. For this purpose, at the outset, we must first and foremost be aware of the environment we live in and our interaction with it. We must be reflective of our pre-dispositions, aptitude and attitudes that will make the difference in our holistic development to be contributing members of the society and nation, particularly in the 21st century. We must acknowledge the power of communication across cultures for better outcomes. We must be on a platform of continual learning, consciously fostering an open mindset.

Do you have the awareness and capability to grasp the implications of an ever-changing environment, or are you going to swept by it?

Are you mindful of equipping yourself with the means to go beyond knowledge, and be an original thinker with ability to resolve conflicts and find sustainable solutions? Are you alert to building strength of character, open to the spirit of philanthropy, as you go through the years acquiring your degree and building you career? Are you open to multiple perspectives and related analysis for sound decision-making? Are you ready to be a leader?

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man – Swami Vivekananda

To our students, we offer the opportunity to learn, develop and grow holistically, beyond merely acquiring knowledge. We offer the means to liberate true potential, as we gear our students in their journey on the path of pursuit to perfection. We offer our students the learning environment that fosters self-reflection, critical thinking, team-work and self-leadership. We offer our students the opportunity to define themselves for the 21st century, even as they change it.

I look forward to the next several months as we willingly and with optimism, embrace the true meaning of education, and, together, work hard to realize your potential and make you the best in the world. I am already so proud of you.