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It was in the year 1997, that Dr. S C Vats, founder of Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS), met Swami Jitatmananda ji, an eminent educationist, management expert, author of books on “Modern Physics & Vedanta”, and “Indian ethos in Management”, an active social worker and the editor of “Prabudh Bharat”(Awakened India), a journal started by Swami Vivekananda.

As the destiny ordained under a silver oak tree at “Advait Ashram” in Mayawati in Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand, invibrating thoughts were flowing from Swamiji’s lips in the balmy aroma of the dense pine and fir forest and he almost gave a diktat to Dr. Vats that he needed to set up an Institute for higher learning in the Capital city of India in the name of Swami Vivekananda, a prophet and a path finder.

It was a gigantic task that fell upon Dr. Vats’s shoulders. He, there and then, resolved to establish an institution and returned to Delhi. In a couple of months’ time,   sold his ancestral house and from the sales proceed of that house seed capital was created, which was so very important for establishing a new Institute with high ideals.

In order to materialize Swamiji’s dreams Dr. Vats rolled out a road map. As a first step, he held a brain storming session with eminent scholars and people from academia along with some legal luminaries and retired civil servants. The brain child of these deliberations was a Society for Total Revival of Nation, thus called the Society for Total Revival and National Glory and True Heritage (STRENGTH), which was later registered as a charitable society under the Registration of Societies Act, in 1998.

As God has His own designs he accomplishes his own task. By then his son, Suneet Vats, had completed Master’s in Management with distinction and he was handed over the task of getting affiliation from GGSIP University, to begin with for two courses BIS, 4 years (Bachelor in Information Systems), and 5 years Integrated course in Law (BALLB) and to complete all the formalities of acquisition of Institutional land from the DDA, which he accomplished after going through a lot of struggle.

With each year, VIPS was falling short of space. Then, the good luck smiled and there came Mr. Govind Aggarwal, Mr. Krishan Aggarwal and Mr. Ajay Bindal of Unity Group, who were known for their philanthropic credentials and had raised a lot of charity for dispensaries, orphanages, dharamshalas etc. They together embarked on a mission of making VIPS an ideal educational Institution with the clear objective of “Man Making , Character Building, Nation Building” as envisaged by Swami Vivekananda. The culmination was the construction of a lush green campus in the heart of Delhi in Pitampura with a legacy of good administrators working towards the prosperity of VIPS.

Today VIPS nestles in its bosom 12 courses, more than 5000 students, approximately 300 faculty members and a huge number of support staff. Today, it is the most preferred Institute in the field of Law, Information Technology, Business Studies and Journalism & Mass Communication.