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Placement Cell

VSLLS Placement Cell works with the objective of providing the students with best opportunities in the field of law. The aspirants are placed with the best law firms, Advocates and corporations for internship and for post placement offers. It is the responsibility of this Cell to keep the students informed about best offers which benefit them in their areas of interest. Various grooming activities and career counselling sessions along with the training sessions are conducted regularly for their overall professional development and for their future endeavours. The Cell provides assistance to not only those who aspires to be recruited by firms but also to those who wish to establish their own venture by providing them necessary guidance. It maintains valuable relationship with its past, current recruiters and has established a good networking with the help of Alumni’s who are also in the list of the current recruiters. Some of the major recruiters where our students are achieving laurels includes Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co., Panasonic, Asahi India Glass Ltd., Lex India, Juris Law office, Manchanda & Associates, Bharucha and Partners, S.S Rana & Co. to name a few.

The students are also interning with NHRC, Delhi State Legal Services Authority, National Judicial Academy, Telecom disputes and Appellate Tribunal, Central Information Commission, , the Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court, NTPC, ONGC Ltd and many more firms.

Career Counselling, Training, Intership and Placement cell (CCTIP)


VSLLS CCTIP Cell offers students the best opportunities in the field of law. The students are placed with the top legal firms, advocates, and corporate houses for internship, pre-placement, and placement opportunities. This cell’s job is to keep students apprised of the most propitious opportunities in their areas of interest as and when they become available. A wide range of training and development opportunities, career guidance and counselling sessions are constantly provided to students to aid their personal and professional growth. The cell offers aid not only to those who seek to be hired by companies but also to those who wish to launch their own venture by providing them with the necessary mentorship. With the support of alumni who are also active recruiters, it has built a strong relationship with its past and present recruiters and established strong networking opportunities. Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co., Panasonic, Asahi India Glass Ltd., Lex India, Juris Law office, Manchanda & Associates, Bharucha and Partners, S.S Rana and Partners, Philips, to name a few, are among the significant recruiters where our students have excelled.

The students have interned with the National Human Rights Commission, the Delhi State Legal Services Authority, the National Judicial Academy, the Telecom Disputes and Appellate Tribunal, the Central Information Commission, the Supreme Court of India, the Delhi High Court, NTPC, ONGC Ltd, and numerous other companies.

The Career Counselling, Training, Internship, and Placement Cell has implemented three initiatives for students:

1. Committee on Internships and Placements

The Internship and Placement Committee put the students’ abilities and expertise to good use by assuming responsibility for finding internships and placements for VSLLS students.

2. Competitive Examination Guidance Centre

The Competitive Examination Guidance Centre assists students by not only guiding them and assisting them in recognising their career preferences but also by preparing them for competitive examinations (UGC-NET and Judiciary) using the best faculty and resources.

3. Career Counselling

The Career Counselling Committee assists students in resolving their questions/concerns and dispelling their uncertainties regarding the various legal career paths. The faculty coordinators of CCTIP administer a distinct email address that is highly receptive to the requirements of the students and is designed specifically for this purpose.

Functions of Placement cell

Composition of CCTIP Committee

Faculity Members

  • Prof. (Dr.) Rashmi Salpekar: Dean
  • Dr. J. Ravindran: Associate Dean
  • Ms. Priya Bhatnagar: Convenor
  • Ms. Honey Sharma: Co-Convenor
  • Dr. Asheetu Bhatia: Member
  • Ms. Ritika Juneja: Member
  • Ms. Manan Dardi: Member
  • Ms. Preeti Yadav: Member
  • Dr. Sonali Sharma: Member
  • Ms. Purva Kaushik: Member
  • Mr. Vivek Verma: Member

Student Members

  • Saumya Tripathi, Convenor
  • Vinayak Uniyal, Co-Convenor
  • Lipi Garg, Co-Convenor
  • Astha Dhawan, Member
  • Pritthish Roy, Member
  • Shreya Chawla, Member
  • Vanshika Chahra, Member
  • Deepasha, Member
  • Hardik Giri, Member
  • Akash Dutta, Member
  • Shilpi Bose, Member
  • Arya, Member
  • Shilpi Bose, Member
  • Aarushi Suri, Member
  • Arpan Lohia, Member
  • Ashvi Sehgal, Member
  • Devanshi Dharia, Member
  • Kashish Maheshwari, Member
  • Phalguni Nautiyal, Member