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10th Intra Mock Trial Competition

Advocates Legion Moot Court Committee of VSLLS organized the 10th Intra Mock Trial (Online) from 16th-18th May 2020. The online proceedings were conducted through WebEx meetings. The problem was drafted on the Hindu Marriage Act. Three training sessions were conducted for participants and clients on 9th, 12th, and 14th May. A total of 40 participants conducted cross-examination.

The basic objective of the competition is to train the students with the art of cross-examination which is a very essential part of any trial proceeding. It is very important to test the veracity of the statements made by the witnesses. In this competition conducting re-cross examination was a new feature that was never exercised before.

For the final round the bench was presided over by Mr. Sandeep Gupta (Secretary, Delhi Legal Service Authority, North) Ms. Aditi Garg (Additional Senior Civil Judge Cum Guardianship Court Cum Small Cause Court) and Ms. Swati Katiyar (Principal Magistrate, Juvenile Justice Board). The final round bench also gave suggestions for further improvements.