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Pro Bono Club of Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies, VIPS-TC, under the Nyaya Bandhu initiative of the Department of Justice, Ministry of Justice organized a Legal Awareness Drive on Juvenile Delinquency in Haiderpur Village, Delhi on 19 th October, 2022, in collaboration with the Legal Aid Society, Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies, VIPS-TC. More than 30 children belonging to various age groups, along with a dozen parents, attended the awareness session. The primary aim was to sensitize the children regarding potential unlawful behaviour, which was achieved by the members through an interactive talk.

The student members began by stressing on the importance of education and of cultivating good habits. The children were taught to differentiate between good and bad behaviour and the significance of following an ethical code of conduct– i.e., to not lie, to not indulge in verbal abuse and fights with their peers, to not touch or take things belonging to others without their permission, etc. Taking the age of the children present in consideration, the same was done in a simple, interactive way by using banners, posters and easy to remember slogans – all in the language of common parlance. The parents were made aware about the Nyaya Bandhu App. They were encouraged to register themselves to the App in order to avail free access to lawyers and legal aid services.

The awareness drive came to an end by taking up queries of the children and the adult attendees, wherein topics like child labour, difficulties in availing education, difficulties in ensuring a good environment for the children, constant exposure to verbal abuse in surroundings etc. were discussed in detail. Pamphlets outlining steps which can be taken to control and eradicate child delinquency were also distributed around to ensure a maximum spread of awareness.