Orientation Program on BLS

VSLLS organized an orientation program on 9 th October, 2018 on basic life support and common emergencies to enlighten the students of Ninth Semester of Healthcare Law. It was coordinated by Faculty course in-charge Dr. Deepa Kaushik, Assitt.Professor. The orientation was conducted by a respectable Team of doctors led by Dr. S. D. Sharma. The students were explained about the stages as to how a layman can, in a panic situation, save a life while the emergency services arrive, giving them a hands-on experience by practicing on mannequins. The students were also taught about the concepts of AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) that are of utmost importance in an emergency situation or worst case scenarios. Moreover, students were shown the detailed procedure of performing CPR by showing practical performance and videos, which also included the procedure of providing breath to a patient by processes like Mouth to Mouth and Mouth to Mask.

It was a priceless experience for students with regards to that happiness it gives to save a life of not only near and dear ones but every life on humanitarian grounds.

Students learning how to give CPR

Students learning to check responsiveness of unconscious person