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VIPS Centre of Excellence for Cyber Law

About the Centre

The Centre of Excellence for Cyber law is one of the centres of Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies, VIPS established on 27th September 2021 as an initiative appraising the ubiquity and dynamics of cyberspace, recognising the compelling need for technologically neutral and uniform legal structure dealing with cyberspace and Information Technology and acknowledging the requirement of possessing its knowledge as an inescapable qualification in the era of Fourth Industrial revolution. Inevitably, cyber law has become an indispensible necessity in working towards the regulation of this borderless space in order to create a protected sphere which is capable of safeguarding the interest of various stakeholders.

In the light of the emerging contours of cyberspace, meteoric development in technology, diverse legal frameworks across the globe, the popping controversies surrounding the balancing of interests not only of individuals but also of nations, the Centre is proposed to function with a broad objective to explore techno-legal aspects of the critical and novel facets of cyber space and interpret the National and International developments in the field of Cyber law by integration of interdisciplinary approach through awareness, research and training programmes.


With the remarkable development and innovations in technology like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality etc. which are widely used in Healthcare, Banking & Finance, supply chain, network tools, automobile, the retail industry and the inordinate use of internet by billions across the world, the field of Cyber law possesses plenteous opportunity not only in present but also in the times to come. Cherishing the relevance of Cyber Law, the centre aims to:

  • Conduct research, initiating research projects and publications in the field of Cyber Law, Tech. Law & Allied Disciplines
  • Educate and train the interested by organising workshops, training sessions etc. in order to help them to improve their techno-legal skills and their professional application.
  • Create awareness about cyberspace and cyber law through discussions, Guest Lectures, colloquiums, Conclaves etc
  • Explore the measures in developing the much appreciated and called for thought process i.e. Scientific Temper.