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VSLLS Competitive Examination Guidance Centre


Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies Competitive Examination Guidance Centre conducted classes for UGC-NLET for all the students of LLM. The classes were taken via online mode due to COVID- 19 Nationwide Lockdown. The classes were divided into 2 parts, One for Paper 1 in the form of assignment sheets and another for Paper 2 by discussing the entire syllabus of UGC NLET with help of various faculty members of VSLLS. In total 10 faculty members contributed towards training and guiding the students of LLM for UGC NET. The students were given notes, online sessions, PPTs along Mock tests for paper 2 by all the faculty members who covered their areas of expertise while guiding students. The subjects like IPR, Constitution Law, Public International Law, Property Law, Family Law, jurisprudence, Law of Crimes, Law of Torts, Corporate law, Contract Law, etc were dealt in detail to cover the syllabus of UGC NLET. This initiative by VSLLS was very much appreciated by the students.