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VSLLS Publications

VSLLS Publications

“In pursuit of perfection” is the motto of VIPS. To achieve this goal, Law School, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, under the guidance of Dr. S. C. Vats, Chairman, VIPS, an eminent educationist and philanthropist, focus of each and every aspect and process including methodology and pedagogy required to impart education.

The Case study method is one of the essential pedagogies in legal education. The reason is contemporary law is not the only the outcome of the legal statutes, but also of cases decided by the courts. Statutes and textbooks do provide insight into the law; however, application and applicability of law may differ from case to case. The courts provide additional clarifications and interpretations of enacted legislations on the laws based on precedents and other related sources of law. At times the courts need to see into the overseas judgments, as well, to find out the solution to a legal problems. Therefore, there is a need to study the cases to understand various scenarios under which a law may be applied.

Considering the significance of case study, Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies, VIPS has come up with a Case Study Manual Series on all subjects of contemporary importance. Much thought has been put into the selection of the most important cases along with the relevant material. The contents are primarily based on the syllabus of universities. he cases selected are the one which represents the development of law. The work is divided into four to five chapters, having the following points, namely:


An introduction is tracing out the theoretical and/or theoretical background, relevant statutes, and contemporary issues related to the subject.

I. At a glance

It will help readers to understand the significant aspects of the theme/topic of the chapter.

II. Decided cases and material

This part of the chapter will give selective paragraphs of cases decided by the courts. It will also cover the material relating to the chapter.

III. Practice exercise/Model questions

The questions will be suggestive of the points to think about. It will help to open up the issues to be discussed or researched further.

Case Study Manual Series will be helpful for students and academicians, as also for voracious readers who wish to trace the development of the law through decided cases. It is also helpful for the aspirants of competitive examinations, such as Civil services and Judicial services. Above all, it is useful for every curious person, who wishes to know the evolution and development of the law through cases.

We would like to thank Dr. S. C. Vats, Chairman, VIPS and entire Management of VIPS who have encouraged and given the opportunity to law faculty members to come up with the Case Study Manual on various important subjects.

Ms.Sakshi Gupta, Ms. Srishty Banerjee

Ms.Richa Srivastava, Ms.Ritika Juneja

Ms.Upmashree, Ms.Sonia Maan

Ms.Mohita Yadav, Ms.Chhabi Ojha Malik

Deepali Vashisht, Nipun Gupta

Narender Kumar, Sonia Maan

Avneek Kaur Seth, Monika Srivastava

Sonia Maan, Sunil Arya

Narender Kumar, Sonia Maan

Abhinav Singh, Apoorv Bhardwaj, Ritika Juneja

Sakshi Gupta, Rajni Kheria

Barkha Trehan Kochhar, Aash Mohammad

Richa Srivastava,Kusum Lata,Richa Gupta

Narender Kumar, Prakash Sharma

Amita, Cheshta Dahiya

Rajni Malhotra Dhingra, Neelam Chawla, Kusumta Bawlia

Prof.(Dr.) Rajni Malhotra Dhingra, Dr. Shaveta Gagneja

Ms. Monika Srivastava, Ms. Ritika Chauhan

Dr. Deepti Kohli, Ms. Insha Goel Vats

Ms. Ritika Juneja, Ms. Chhabi Ojha Malik

Neeru Nakra, Srishty Banerjee, Sakshi Gupta

Mr.J.Ravindran, Dr. Deepa Kaushik

Mr. Sunil Arya, Ms. Sargam Jain

Ms. Aditi Mann

Dr. Rashmi Salpekar, Mr. Aaditya Vikram Sharma

Vidhi Madaan Chadda

Insha Goel Vats, Ritika Juneja, Aash Mohammad

Sarvesh Sharma, Nipun Gupta Jain

Dr. Leena Moudgil, Ms. Richa Srivastava

Mr. Apoorv Bhardwaj, Mr. Sarvesh Sharma

Deepti Kohli, Sushila Sharma, Richa Gupta

Prof. (Dr.) B.T. Kaul, Ms. Barkha Trehan Kochar, Ms. Lovleen Sharma

Leena Moudgil, Avneek Kaur Sethi

Upma Shree, Deepali Vashist

Bhavya Gupta, Navjeet Sidhu Kundal

Sarvesh Sharma, Aaditya Vikram Sharma

Dr. Navjeet Sidhu Kundal, Mr. Apoorv Bhardwaj, Ms. Bhavya Gupta

Ms. Amita, Ms. Kanchan Lavania

Srishty Banerjee, Sargam Jain